Month: May 2017

Best web designers of Metro Detroit

Made it in the top 23 best web designers of Metro Detroit

Advance Vision Art was chosen to be among the top 23 best web designers of Metro Detroit.  Expertise had chosen us out of hundreds of companies simply because we met their criteria.  Their criteria consists of 5 things, and they are reputation, credibility, experience, availability and professionalism.  Being a company that focuses primarily on customer satisfaction has definitely built up our reputation.  We bend over backwards to ensure our clients are satisfied with their experience.

Credibility is a very big one for us and being a startup, it sure wasn’t easy to establish it.  If our clients can’t trust us, what’s the point in doing business with them.  Our initial meeting with our clients, lets us show they can trust us by looking them straight in the eye as they shake our hand.  Our end goal is to create a long lasting relationship with our clients.

After being in business for over 4 years, we have developed plenty experience with the services that we specialize in.  From having lots of professional experience at what we do, we are known as one of the best web designers of Metro Detroit.  As days pass by, technology is always changing and we learn new things every day.  We also stay up-to-date with the latest web semantics (standards).

One thing we are very well known for is our availability and flexibility.  There have even been times when we have bent over backwards helping out clients after hours.  This is one big thing that makes Advance Vision Art one of the best web designers of Metro Detroit.

The last but not least thing that depicts us from everyone else is our professionalism.  We take the work will do very seriously ensuring that our customers get the best return on investment.

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best web designers of metro detroit

Chere’ Pepper is a very talented musician and is also a client of ours….

STAND IN FAITH! Of the thousands of songs I’ve written, I believe this is my favorite. What are you standing in faith for today? Release your faith. Trust and believe! God has only good planned for you.  I’m on my way to Toledo to share a message. Thanks for the prayers everyone, I believe my sickness is over and my voice is good! Happy Sunday everyone.